Fendi Spy bags in NM *pics*

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Black Spy $2270 Brown Spy $4310
  2. is that the regular black leather spy?
  3. That's the patent leather one. :drool:
  4. I'm loving the black..the brown not so much
  5. I absolutely love the brown one. It's so unique and TDF!
  6. The patent leather looks so yummy in this pic, much better than online pic.
  7. I have seen the patent one in person at two different Bloomingdales, and I think it actually does look shinier in real life than in this pic. I love it, though. My husband isn't too keen on it yet.
  8. Brown one!!!!
  9. Lovely.
  10. The red sandals are hot. B buckle is more subtle on those than on other stuff.
  11. Ahh, I LOVE the brown one!!!
  12. Both are gorgeous. I love the patent leather.
  13. I saw the brown one IRL at NM over the weekend. It is gorgeous! The picture does not do it justice.
  14. That brown one looks great in this pic. So much better than the other pics I've seen. I'm thinking that I need to check this one out a bit more....
  15. OMG! They have the embroidered one in black now too at BG!

    I still think I like the brown one more.....