Fendi Spy Bag

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone like this bag! I love it and want to know where i can get it. i live in the UK and usually get my bags from Selfridges so i might just take this picture in and ask if they can get it for me, do you think they would?

    It would be a major help if you replied thanks
  2. Hello and welcome to tPF. Yes, Selfridges would be a good bet for locating this bag in the UK. The staff at the concession on Oxford Street are very nice. Good luck with your search and pls post pics if you manage to snag one. :smile:
  3. It's one colourful bag! and I actually quite like it...have seen it IRL and the colours look much nicer IRL.

    This bag is currently available from raffaello-network.com, for £975. They ship internationally too....good luck!
  4. Thanks i'll check it out
  5. Also worth trying Harvey Nics - they have a wonderful selection of Spys in the Leeds Branch and imagine it would be even better in London.
  6. I actually like this bag, I saw one on ebay, the sellers id is personalshoppers, she is one of the few authentic handbag reseller on ebay.