Fendi spy bag up on bluefly now!

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  1. Still there as of 7:03 p.m. EST :lol:
  2. And a bunch of NEW Fendi bags too! Whoa...
  3. I feel like we're playing stocks here! :lol:
  4. Going...going...gone! 0 stock left :cry: ...I was too slow!
  5. Doh! :Push: :lol:
  6. they got GREAT things in for spring! and soo excited for my new prada with the crystals...they have it on saks for 310 PLUS taxes and SH..equals to about 350...that is a helluva savings on bluefly!
  7. the spy is back.
  8. I still see it. I wouldn't buy it...it's ugly.

    Code: MISSEDYOU294 for 15% off
  9. Both the large and the medium are still there!
  10. The price for the Zucca print seemed high to me, no?!
  11. Only the medium now ... LARGE is GONE!
  12. Damn where were all these 15% off codes when I ordered a few hours ago :lol:
  13. You should just order another one with the code and return your first one. It'll save you enough money that it's worth the trouble.
  14. What did you order? :nuts: Did you get that spy?