fendi spy bag trendy or classic?

  1. I'm thinking about getting one.
  2. Everyone has a different opinion about that. It's not an "it" bag anymore but some celebs still buy the new ones as they come out. To those who have one, once you have one you can't get enough and you want more and more! So to those who love it they consider it a contemporary classic. Why don't you hang out at the Fendi forum and look around at the pics and threads..you can get an idea. What color are you thinking about?
  3. either the honey or black? what do you think?
  4. I personally think the Fendi Spybag is ugly. However, I don't know why I like it. There's just something about that bag that gets my attention. Probably because of those spikes on the handles...iunno.
  5. honestly, I was never a huge fan of it until I learned about all the little secret compartments. now I HAVE to have one. I'm a sucker for gimmicks. gimmicks and tears.
  6. I never cared for the whole "trendy" vs "classic" thing..sure some bags are timeless but if you don't like it, what use is it if it is "classic" which is why I never listen to anyone about how "classic" or "trendy" a bag is. If I love it, then I will buy it. That being said, the Spy is no longer the IT bag for celebs, but I don't think it will ever go out of style. It's not like tube socks. And its a great bag to have if you love it, unique design and details.
  7. I thought at first that it was a trendy bag too, but now that it's not such a hot "it" bag, I actually like it more. I guess the hype put me off, but now I really want one. I think it is a modern classic, like the Balenciaga bags that I thought were trendy too.
  8. Just got back from Boston and have to say I saw a girl carrying one in Banana Republic on Friday afternoon and I almost stalked her. It was gorgeous....and I mean.... Hands down drop dead Gorgeous. :yahoo:This bag has been flying under my radar, but never getting to the big city except to fly out of it's airport...I'd never encountered one until this trip downtown. I say go for it. I saw quite a few girls eyeballing it so it does stand out in a bag crowd!! If you love it...get it. I even checked them out at Neiman Marcus. The spies surprised me!:yes:
  9. ok, so it is done. I will be buying a spy bag, y'all. but what color, the honey, black, or blueberry? those're the 3 colors I like the most.
  10. I have the blueberry and I love it, black is always great but how many black bags do you have? I would choose honey because I think it'd be a great first spy (yes..first because there will be more). It's just beautiful. :heart:
  11. They are all classic colors and you can't go wrong with any one of the three. I have a black and a honey and they are both great. Black goes with everything and the honey is pretty neutral as well. I personally like the honey just a bit more.
  12. hey ladies,

    yeah i'm leaning toward the honey, but I don't own any black bags and black is SO HOT for f/w 2008 (um, hello, dsquared and louis vuitton!) however, most of the stuff i wear might be better suited for the honey, 'cos I just don't have a lot of black in my wardrobe. plus I've notcied the honey doesn't look too bad with all black outfits or anything, so if I DID decide to wear a all black outfit for no good reason...

    now the blueberry seems like a more eccentric choice of the neutrals, 'cos it's blue, but it almost appears black. so i feel like it would go with anything.

    man, can i edit a poll into this post? haha

    what about the petrol? that's another color I'm loving.
  13. All are good colors. I think more people would prefer the petrol to the blueberry but it doesn't have that effect you mentioned where its almost like black but not. You could PM a mod and ask if you could open a poll on this thread. I'm sure some people would be like me and not know which to vote for. I wish I could have all four colors! I love black but probably a little less than I love honey and petrol. Does anyone have all these colors?
  14. well I've been reading that dang post a pic of your spy thread forever now, the colors I've mentioned are all in there.

    I feel you on most people liking the petrol over the blueberry. it certainly seems that way, but the petrol, to me, but be a little too young.
  15. Aww I don't think petrol is too young for anyone! No really. If you like it the best you should get that. I spent hours going through every page and picture on the celeb+fendi or the show-me-your-spy threads. Don't know how I ended up getting blueberry. I don't think you'll regret any decision you make, if at the end you can't decide just get the next one you see! Whether thats a real one on eBay or whatever is in stock at a store.