Fendi Spy Bag Noobie - Please help with colors...

  1. I have wanted a spy bag for a long time. There have been massive discussions here about the size. My SO thinks they're gorgeous but worries I'll put too much stuff in it and break my back. We're getting past that, I've promised not to put everything I own in it.

    I want to buy a used bag on eBay as a first bag. I'm very hard on handbags.

    Now, the color question. I want Cognac. Are there various style variations in that color? Like - do they make Wisteria style in that color? What does Zucca mean?

    Is there really a color called Chocolate Brown? The Fendi website is decidedly unhelpful in sorting out the colors. Is there a place where I can find information about the colors? I read "Honey" and "Caramel" and "Lt Brown" and "Tan" in people's listing - but they all look like the same color to me.

    I'm terribly fond of a bag currently listed on eBay that is black and brown (the body of the bag is two colors) - how often does Fendi do that?

    I'm going to post a few links on the authentication thread. I think the buyers I'm looking at are all great people, but I can use ALL the help I can get here.

    And - as an aside (and this is really a goofy question) - what kinds of wallets and makeup ags do you Fendi lovers put inside those spybags? Are you Fendi all the way? I'm an eclectic, mix and match kind of person, the Fendi spy appeals to me directly, it just sings to me. Seems to me that the spy is a very permissive handbag and would work with the style of someone like me...what do you think? Be honest.
  2. Hi there

    So the cognac - there is two styles small and regular. Small does not have the spy compartment - only way to describe it is that it looks a bit like a rugby ball. The regular being the spy with the compartment

    The Wisteria does not come in that colour. So far the wisteria has came in white, honey and taupe

    Zucca is the material of Fendi - you know the FF logo so some spies have that plus leather and some are all leather. If it says zucca spy then it is either all over material or part with leather.

    There is a spy call chocolate yes - very dark brown - this is not cognac which is a lighter mid brown

    In the inside I don't really care for mixing and matching - whatever fits goes!

    Yes great to post the ones you are interested in in the authentication section

    The spy can work for everyone - its casual its dressy its what you want it to be!

    Good luck with your decisions
  3. Should note as well the Wisteria comes in black velvet as well
  4. Thanks so much for the quick lessons! You're very sweet not to make me feel stupid (I feel dumb about the Zucca now). This is so fun. And that black velvet Wisteria is, well, to die for.

    And thanks for the encouragement. I've posted about 2 cognacs on the authentication thread. And - SecretShopaholic, thanks for the characterization of the small bag - that really helps.
  5. I have owned a Black Spy and currently own a Cognac Spy!!

    The Cognac is by far my personal favorite for several reasons. The leather seems a bit more durable than the leather on my Black Spy. The Cognac is a great year round color and can be dressed up, or worn with more casual clothes. The leather on the Cognac also wears in certain areas (specific to the individual bag) like an old bomber jacket.

    Aside from colors, the Spy is an awesome bag in general. You won't regret purchasing one! :girlsigh:
  6. Lady Blue, thanks for the comparison. I found a picture on the celebrity thread (looking for outdoor light comparison photos) - #368 on this thread,
    I think it's Hillary Duff with the bag (maybe at Disneyland!)

    Is that a cognac or a dark brown?
  7. as far as the different terms for honey/tan/etc go, that is the color that we refer to here as "honey," but I am not surprised that eBay sellers might characterize it differently. I have also seen Barney's call it "camel"--but it's all the same color.
  8. Melisande R.,


    Older version of dark chocolate. The new dark chocolate is a little bit darker...to protect the leather from fading.
  9. I believe the one Hillary Duff is carrying is the Cognac color with sequins. My bag looks like it is the same color minus the sequins which will also add to the retail price of the bag.

    I will try and post a photo of my bag.
  10. Thanks everyone, this has really helped with colors. Of course, I want all of them (and a black one and a cherry red one, etc.) I suppose if I give up having flooring in the house and plumbing in the bathroom, I could spend the remodeling money on handbags.

    Still leaning toward Cognac, though, but I don't think I can afford sequins. :sad:
  11. who needs floors and plumbing when you have a spy to cuddle into at night!