Fendi Spy Bag History

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  1. Hi Everyone New here :smile: OK so the other night I was surfing handbags on ebay and seen the spy bag which I have never ever seen until then haha! Im in love!! and been searching to purchase but waiting for the one that speaks to me. My question is I have been trying to find info on the bags online and cant seem to find anything. When did the production of this bag start and stop? Did they mass produce it to the point that shelling out over $1000 for a spy bag is silly or was it limited amounts per year? Is there a site showing all different colors to the spy bag? I found one on ebay I want for $1000 but seller wont answer any questions I have asked so even tho I cant stop thinking about that specific bag Im not purchasing as a fake scares me for that kind of money.
    Thanks for any info and if someone has links to the history of the bag they can post it would be great!
  2. $1000 for a Spy bag? This is a terrible price. At one point their resale value was much lower.

    I don't know when the Spy bag was first made, and when it was discontinued, but I do know it was years ago during the "it bag" craze when the Chloe Paddington and Dior Gaucho were selling like hot cakes.
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  3. It depends on the bag honestly. The Spy bag was a huge hit for Fendi and they made countless versions of it for several years. Some are probably rarer than others so price might vary greatly on the resale market. Also, be aware that this bag was highly counterfeited so you need to get it authenticated.
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  4. I just got a preloved Spy for $480 off fashionphile yesterday (waiting for her arrival!). I personally wouldn't spend more than $700-800 for one, unless it is a special edition version that is harder to find. What does the one you are looking for look like? The bag was a huge success for fendi and came in many special editions and colors over the years.

    I would also be wary of a seller that won't answer questions, esp on ebay.. Fendi Spy had many fakes because it was such an it-bag. Check out trusted resellers like fashionphile, the real real, yoogis closet, and versertaire for a Spy! I bet you will get a better price than $1000 as well.
  5. I remember first reading about it in Collenzioni Asseccori magazine when I was in France 2004, there was a chewy lamb/Zucca version and even an evening version of the bag. Those were the days when only style.com bothered covering seasonal fashion shows and pictures of accessories only were really hard to find in any number.
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  6. Yes. How times have changed! Now it seems that social media influencers have more say than style.com on "it" accessories.
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  7. I've been on the hunt for baby spy bags. The regular ones are too big for me. But I have seen some really good deals. The hologram spy on ebay for $300... insane! I am sorely tempted...
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