Fendi Spy Bag - feedback needed :)

  1. Hi all!

    I was wondering wheter you might all be able to help me. I'm dying to have a Spy bag for months now, and I finally have the opporunity to order one! The only problem is that since the bag is part of a past collection, all the models and colors and no longer on display. I therefore would like to know what is your favorite Spy Bag. I fell in love with the honey color, but I never found a webpage on which they (almost) all appear. Can you help me choose the bag of my dreams?

    Thanks!! :P
  2. Welcome!:balloon:
    I really wanted black for my first Spy but fell in love with Cognac instead.
    I love it - the colour works with everything and is incredibly rich (like melting caramel....).
    The leather is soft and squishy - plus, you can carry your life around with you!
    Good luck on your Spy hunt - hope you find the perfect bag for you!
  3. For me, the dark brown spy is classic and my first love. I've had other spies, but nothing compares to the dark brown.
  4. i have the petrol spy .. and i loooooove it soo much, its one bag i carrrrry soo much... size is perfect for me , carrries alot ...
    i can carry it on my shoulders or on my arms ...i adoore the leather:heart: ..its one bag im definitely gonna get in more colors hopefully
    as for 1st spy i would recommend a dark brown or black :flowers:
  5. For a pictorial reference, you can go to this webpage (all the pics are of authentic spies):
    Fendi Spy Bag List
  6. Welcome also, the Honey you can find on the Saks website. The spys come in such lovely colours my favourites which I have are the Petrol and cherry would love a green if I can ever find one. This season colours I love the Cognac and Choco. The new colours are meant to be in the stores December time. Have a look at Greendrv site its just brilliant.
  7. As far as the spies go, I love the black (tryin' to get a used, authentic one now on ebay), the zucca & the dark brown, in that order. Those are my top 3. :smile:
  8. Thanks a lot for your feedback and the link! Mmm, even more difficult now to choose one :P
  9. My favorite is the hologram spy made with fortuny leather. It is so unique and amazing. Nothing compares to it. I love it so much! :love:
  10. The hologram is by far the most beautiful in my opinion, but I never carry it because it's so impractical. The cognac is my fave, and I can carry it with everything.
  11. I like them all ;) with the exception of the Moncler spies. Not a big fan of those. My favorite ones are my petrol and the wisteria spy. I don't think I could ever let either one of those go.