Fendi spy bag at Bluefly.com

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  1. Cool. I'm not really into the logo print spys either, though.

    Is Bluefly like an outlet? Because it might explain why it's on there; the logo ones seem to be the least popular. I've always wondered where they get their merchandise...
  2. Yes, bluefly is an online outlet. They sell authentic designer stuff. I bought from them a few times before. Great service and beautiful packaging! I'm just surprise about the spy bag because this is the 1st time I seen it on there, but I got to admit this spy bag is hideous looking. I just hope the demand for the spy bag is not going down.
  3. Yeah, that is surprising that the Spy Bag would be on Bluefly. I wonder if that means that the Spy Bags will be at the Gucci outlet (outside of Florence, Italy) next year ... OH BOY!!! :nuts: Whoopie ... :smile: (I shouldn't get too excited right now, though!).
  4. Just saw that Bluefly also has a Chloe and Mulberry bag for sale as well. Interesting, I usually never look at Bluefly ... I will now!
  5. wow they have some nice bags right now, but i have to steer clear i'm trying to be good.:suspiciou
  6. Wow... both SOLD out within a few hours! :amazed: lol
  7. Sometimes sites like that may nab a bag here and there and you are lucky to find it... I was too late this time!
  8. I used to really dislike the Fendi monogram, but now I am really digging it. I don't know what happened, I must have been kicked in the head by a Fendi Fairy.

    But the spy bag just has too weird of a shape for me to get into. Smartbargains.com and Ashford.com have some really cute Fendi monogram stuff on sale.
  9. I grabbed a Tocca pink and green flocked clutch. I always liked the pattern and material but didn't NEED one (who really does?!). But the price made it worth doing. Ya never know when it will come in handy!
  10. :lol: Damn, first a paddington and now a spy.
  11. Way to expensive for the Spy, its zucca. I just know too much about the cost prices I guess.
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