Fendi spy: any1's leather peeling off? mine is :(

  1. ladies,
    i jsut realized some parts of my leather on my black spy is peeling? is that normal? especially on the edge of the opening, because of the circular compartment..the back of it..has some sharp edge..so it's rubbing the leahter off of my bag ;(
    do you guys know if fendi will take it back of what?
  2. Can you provide photos to diagnose perhaps?
  3. ya..i was thinking that but my digital camera broke :sad:
  4. How old is the bag? I would imagine wear and tear over time can do this. I have not experienced this as I have only owned my bag for 6 months, although I carry it every day.

    I can't envision where the peeling is though from your description . Fendi could perhaps repair it if you have the receipt and have owned it for less than a year. You have to have bought it at the Fendi store though. not sure about other stores' policies.:confused1:

    Pics would be helpful if you get your camera fixed. Good luck!
  5. i bought it awhile back..for sure more than an year...what do you think? do u think they'll exchange it for me still?
  6. I have so a fendi spy,and same problem...
    I think that is for leather fine...
  7. Whether they will exchange it depends on who "they" are. Where did you buy it from? Honestly, I doubt that any store is going to change it out for a completely new one if it's been as long as it has, unless the damage is obviously from shoddy workmanship. It's hard to tell from your description whether this is normal wear and tear or something more.
  8. i got it at Saks.com back in december 2005...do u think they'll exchange? maybe i'm being too picky abou this..thx
  9. After 1 1/2 years, I think it would be considered normal wear and tear. If it was a defect that occurred in the first few months, I'm sure you could have gotten a refund. At this point they may not even carry that style anymore.

    Please post a photo of the problem so the experts here can give you an opinion.