Fendi Spy Alert

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  1. For those who desire the Fendi spy bags, "leshent", a very reputable seller on eBay (with authenticity guarentee or double money back, verified reputation on other blogs as well), is selling the Fendi Spy in the Metallic Bronze that MK has been photographed with! I think I heard one or two people on the forum interested in this bag.....just wanted to give you the heads up on the item availability!
  2. Thanks Soybean ... I'm well aware of Leshent and the fact that he sells authentic goods. However, you will usually pay more than retail (except for some of the Balenciaga bags - depending on the bag).
  3. Has anyone else heard of this person? I'm going to check now to see what they have on eBay. I'm curious
  4. Leshent is a highly reputable and trustworthy seller (right up there with dudeiloveyou and personalshoppers).
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