Fendi Spy: a classic or so last decade??

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  1. What do you think purse-ladies? I have a fendi spy bag which I bought in Rome in 2006, I haven´t used it much, but I think it´s lovely and I don´t want to get rid of it:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  2. I think it's a classic!
  3. I bought my spy bag over five years ago...still love it!
  4. I bought mine 3yrs ago and i absolutely love it still. It definitely is a classic. Who doesn't recognize a Spy when they see one? I get compliments on it when I carry it. I wish they would bring it back in different colors
  5. Who cares? If you love it, carry it :smile:

    I have many spies, and couldn't give a hoot if people think its time has passed. They are my well-loved babies, and fit my lifestyle. They put a smile on my face every time. I love that they are unique and a rare find nowadays :smile: