Fendi Spy $1899

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  1. Hi gals they have Fendi Spy Bag at Costco.com for $1899 if case anyone is looking for one.

  2. What!?! LOL. That is so cool. Spys and Costco... They don't mix in my mind, but why not?

    Is the price discounted? How much do Spys normally retail for?
  3. I dont know if thats a good price or not. I am not a Spy Girl! :smile:

    That one is the all leather one...so i think that one is more expensive.

  4. After reading your post, I called my Mom over and showed her the Spy... then I revealed the Costco logo on the website, and she cracked up in surprise :biggrin:

    I just visited the NM website, though and apparently they retail at $2075. So it's about $175, not bad I guess? I'm not much of a Spy person either; I wonder if they are still very popular?
  5. Who knows...I personally dont like the bag. To heavy for my tastes. I like the older Fendi bags. But $175 is a good discount I guess. :smile:
  6. Wow! Never thought I'd see that.
  7. Should I get it?? I've always wanted it in black, but I'm just not sure I love the style. It's in my cart, my DH says get it, but I'm not 100% sure.
  8. You can always return it. They are EXCELLENT with returns. Even in two months you can take it back.
  9. Get it!
  10. I would proceed with caution because I read somewhere that costco was selling FAKE LV's!!
  11. ^^^wow that SUCKS!

  12. I have been a long term Costco Customer. I have never seen LV at costco. I will also say I bet this is a urban myth. They sell all kinds of products and some interesting bags. I do not think they would sell fakes.
  13. Costco is a huge corporation with high earning revenue and to think that they would sell fake stuffs is just ridiculous.
  14. I am on another board that is dedicated to authentic LV only. One of the boardie there went to a costco and saw LV's on display. From afar it looked ok, but being the LV addict that she examine the bags up close and personal. After looking at them for a period of time, she concluded that it was a good fake. She called the manager over and demanded to know where they got their inventory. The manager did not give her a straight answer and she called the 1800 LV hotline right there on the spot and reported her sighting. The manager ended up asked her to leave the store.

    I don't think Costco intended to sell fake LV's,they might have gotten their bags from an unreliable source. LV would NEVER sell their bags to Costco. Even their discontinued bag that does not sell at the boutique gets ship back to the LV France to get shredded.

    I did not say the spy was a definite fake, all I am saying is to proceed with caution. Get it authenticated if you end up purchasing one etc.
  15. Thanks all for the advice! I didn't get it, just not sure that I LOVE the spy.