Fendi Spies-tips

  1. Hello everyone!! Recently, I've fallen i love with the spy and wanted to know if it is easy to spot a fake. If was to get a spy what what the main things I should look for as a indicator that it's 4real. Thanks in advance!!
  2. ohh GOOD IDEA! i'm looking for my first ever spy and i have no idea!! haha
  3. One of the most telling ways is to look at the leather of the Spy. The leather should feel buttery and soft, and of course smell marvelous. The leather should be "bubbly-looking" and has lines on the leather, instead of looking like some smooth human-skin aka the fakes! :throwup:

    I have only been a Spy owner for a little less than a year, but I'm sure our more experienced Fendi experts here will tell you more about the serial #s and other ways to spot (something that I'm not updated on).
  4. thanks for the heads up, discobunniee.
  5. the leather smells heavenly and the leather is smooshy buttery lambskin (for the lambskin ones). it is also very lightweight and feels comfortably soft. good for resting your baby's head on!
  6. I think it's very easy still to tell the majority of fake spies from the authentic spies.

    My best advice is to go to a department store that is an authorized retailer and check out the spies in person. If you need a list of authorized retailers, check out my website and look at the Fendi subheading:
    Handbags: Online Authorized Retailers
  7. First season spies DO come in smoother leather. Some of them even don't have "bubbles" at all throughout the front part or back. But you can always tell if it's a fake from the plasticy looking leather :throwup: . Oh and most of first season spies (cognac and dark brown) do fade with age and I personally think it gives the bag character :flowers:
  8. ohh good to know, olg4, thanks! now i want a smoooth one from first season :sad: sigh.. wantlist gets bigger..
  9. Yes, the 05 Spy's fade. My petrol Spy has lightened in the sun. I only recently noticed the colour variation when I saw a lightly used petrol colour on ebay.