Fendi Small two tone B Bag at Yoox!

  1. Very cute. Congratulations.
  2. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice!!! congrats! please post modeling pics when they come in. I'd love to see how they look on.
  3. :heart: Thanks ladies! Will post pics as soon as she arrives!:heart:
  4. We have been waiting for pictures sweetie... hee.
  5. that's cute! congrats!
  6. VER CUTE... congrats =)
  7. Please forgive me for not posting pics! Will do asap! She really is a cutie and much bigger than I thought!:yes:
  8. Ok, so I finally got round to taking a few pics! Sorry, I have only posted 2 (have just got a new camera, courtesy of the the sweet boyfriend!:love:) so, more pics will follow, especially since I have another Fendi B Bag on the way! It's the medium linen with blue patent! Can't wait for it to arrive:love:
    FendiBBag1.jpg FendiBBag2.jpg
  9. Congratulations on your purchase :smile:
  10. Woah beautiful! Is the strap adjustable or is it supposed to be hand held?
  11. Thanks DancingQueen and Blueberry!

    There is actually a strap on the top of the bag (which I am holding) plus a detachable shoulder strap which I removed. I think it looks more smart hand-held!
  12. Yes it looks great hand-held! I want that same colour combination in a Medium... GORGEOUS! :yahoo: Don't forget to post pictures of your cream/blue bbag when it arrives! Thanks for sharing sweetie! :love:
  13. Will post pics as soon as she arrives DancingQueen! ;) I hope you find the medium size one, I'm looking forward to seeing how the size compares to the small one I have. These Fendi bags are beginning to get addictive....I already have a Balenciaga Bag addiction that is out of control! Oh well, more bags the merrier I say!:graucho:
  14. Very pretty style ... I love your leather one... looks beautiful next to your Spys and larger than I thought from other photos without a bag to compare it to... congratulations a great buy! Bag addictions are a danger for me too.... there is just always another Gorgeous bag you need!!!!!!!!