fendi silver

  1. hello sorry for my bad english,I am italian.
    exists in this time fendi bauletto silver?
    it was in shops the last years...
    thanks kiss sissi
  2. i have never seen one before. but since you saw one, looks like they made them. but perhaps they have sold out? i think eBay might be your best bet for a silver baby spy at the moment. i know the regular silver spy (i just bought one) is currently available at online shops.

    oh, by the way, the popular speak for the bauletto is "baby spy" :p

    good luck!
  3. Sissi -- was it a baby spy or one of these baulettos:


    If it is the one in the link, jomashop has a good reputation here and it is in stock & they sell international....otherwise Bagpunk is correct if you are seeking a Baby spy.:smile: