Fendi Silver Sparkle line...

  1. I have seen a few different styles of the Fendi Silver Sparkle line and they look perfect for a small, glamorous evening bag. The problem is that most web sites seem to have them out of stock. Does anyone have any info on this line? Is it new or from a previous season? Anyone own it? Thanks for any help!
  2. K- looks like it is Out of Stock...maybe they will get more of them in...:crybaby:
  3. I got it about 2 months ago. It's not really mine. I'm am very tempted to keep it though. It's actually for my best friend who's birthday is in August. So all I can do is just stare at it....

    Here are pics by the way. The first one of it is just for fun, I'm bored, gotta do something to get away from the books.


    Here's a proper photo.


    As you can tell, it is a great colour. It will go with almost anything. I can't believe it cost that much to start off with, almost a grand USD. It's just the basic zucchino fabric. But if you do find one, get it. It's a good little bag.

    I just need to remind myself that I can only look... and perhaps touch... but definitely no using!
  4. any chance we can get a quick modeling photo? (i promise we won't tell your best friend :p)
  5. Wow, awesome deal! :nuts:
  6. No worries, evychew. I'll take one when I get home.
  7. K - All I can say is keep that bag away from the pooping Bunnies!! OMG!!:roflmfao:
  8. sweet deal
  9. Here's the photo. It's not very big and doesn't really go with what I'm wearing but it should give you an idea for size.

    (The pooping bunnies are far away.... :p they're actually quite good cos they're fully toliet trained. They have full roam of the living room.)

  10. Zowie! :nuts: Forget the Fendi, those are smashing shoes & dress!! :p Absolutely adorable...:drool:

    Thanks Kavando!
  11. Thanks baglady, you're very kind. I was meant to go out tonight but I changed my mind last minute (really really bad fog in Melbourne tonight, didn't want to be on the road).
  12. WOW!!! looks fab-- i really think you should just keep it :p Oops, did I just say that? :biggrin: What is zucchino fabric like? Also, is that a bag that can also be worn over the shoulder or would it look funny...

  13. That's what my partner said! He's been trying to make me keep it but I am resisting. The zucchina fabric is just their regular cloth type material. This one has silver through it so it gives it a bit of bling!

    It looks good over the shoulder. It is a very good length so it doesn't come right under your underarm when you wear it. Keep a look out on Jomashop. I saw this bag go from out of stock to in stock 2x already!