Fendi silver leather bag

  1. Hi Ladies, I am pondering bidding on this bag. I have already had it authenticated here at tpf. Would love your opinions. I like flashy stuff sometimes although I am in a conservative occupation, I still get away with it. Do you think I could get much use from this or is it mainly for holidays, fall, winter, etc? I am on a metallics kick lately. I have a Marc jacobs patchwork stam in blush metallic, people flip over it.


    I am also considering this gucci instead of the fendi - your thoughts? Has also been authenticated. Lastly, just bought a Fendi boston in muted silver pebbled leather with light orange stitching on sale at Neiman's. It is more subtle than these two bags.


  2. since you just bought the fendi its too similar to the gucci which is also a boston.. maybe go for the eBay fendi for evening occasions instead
  3. I prefer the Gucci bag
  4. Thanks guys, it is a hard decision. Do you like the Fendi silver bag or is it too gauche? I guess it is a matter of taste. Valerietoo, the Fendi I bought is a tall tote style so the Gucci would offer more of a satchel, east/west shape.
  5. I prefer the New Britt but to be honest with you, it is HUGE.... Have you seen it in real life? It is massive... But that's just me being fussy perhaps. I'd personally go for the Gucci though to be honest as I prefer its shape.
  6. Thanks Kavnadoo, I love big bags, so that would probably work for me! What do you think would be a fair offer? They are asking $900 or best offer, do you know the orig retail, maybe around $1500-1600?
  7. Congrats, I notice you won the Britt bag.
  8. Yes, Queen D, here she is, she is a true beauty!!!!