Fendi Shopping Online? Where!

  1. Hi guys.. I'm not much of a Fendi Fan.. But I'm in love with Fendi B Bags and The Spy Bag and want to buy them online.. Can you suggest some trusted sites where to buy them? Except for eBay! Thanks!
  2. You could find some answers the thread"Where can I find a Fendi Spy new"(from Mulberrylove).
    You can find real Fendi bags "on net a porter",or e-luxury","Neiman Marcus","luisaviaroma".You can call a Fendi shop to buy a bag,they could send it to you(In France,it's possible,I don't know in other shops)
    Hope this helps:smile:
  3. I think the only place online that ships international is Raffello, Jomashop and Luisavaroma. The rest (Neiman, Elux, Saks etc) only ship to US addresses.
  4. Eluxury, Saks, Neiman Marcus.
  5. eluxury, neiman marcus online, saks fifth online, im not sure if berdorf goodman online has fendi but you can also check. hope this helps:p :smile: :smile: :smile:
  6. how about online shops such as rafaello network . com , etc? do they sell authentic fendi stuffs too?
  7. Also try net-a-porter and Diabro. Good-luck!
  8. how about styledrop? do they sell authentic bags? jomashop doesn't really look like an authentic site, but i really don't know, has anyone tried from them and reccommend it?
  9. many people on tpf have bought from jomashop and received authentic bags. I also have it on good authority that rafaello-network and styledrops are also authentic, but those two jack up the price above regular retail.
  10. Net a porter, Bluefly (out of season stock), luisaviaroma, those are theo nes I know that ship internationally