Fendi Shoes

  1. I saw a pair of KICK-A*S Fendi B flats at Saks yesterday..but they were so hot they had NO sizes left!!SOB!
    Anyone know how their flats fit??True to size??Thanks in advance!I wanna order them elsewhere over the phone and Im unsure if I should order 8 1/2 or 9!
  2. Jill, I agree they look absolutely gorgeous, but do a search, I am sure one of our members picked up a pair and they were so painful that she actually had to return them lol! They literally crippled her :sad:

    they look nice though ;) - who needs to beable to move :biggrin:
  3. I tried a pair of the B flats at Saks a few weeks ago and they seem to run true to size. They were painful as hell though. It's a cute shoe, but in my opinion, it is definitely NOT worth the suffering.
  4. Jill, call the 1-800 Saks number and have them locate your size.
  5. I saw that! Were they marked down to $150-ish? The ones I saw were black and on clearance!
  6. ^NO..These were the NEW Fendi B BALLERINAS...I think they were 395..not sure....Brand new for fall
  7. my fendy shoes run pretty true to size...i wear a size 7 and i bought size 7(i have 3 pairs, so they must rum true to size)
  8. WOOHOO..My Saks got in new shipment of these..Going on Friday to try them on...Wish me luck..Hope they are OK....Will post pics if they come home with me!
  9. WOOHOO! I got the FENDI B BALLERINAS today!They did run small..I got another pair of zucca ones too! LOVE EM!
  10. I was gonna tell you that they run small. Congrats Jill, let's see pics!
  11. [​IMG]LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. omg i love those
  13. wow!!! love them! :yahoo:
  14. I got 2 diff pairs..I posted pics in my bag showcase..LOVE both of them!!LOL!
  15. yeup. the exact same ones i was talking about. love them!!!!!now u need a fendi b bag..lol..