Fendi Shoes? Is this True to the Size?

  1. Hi
    I know some of you ladies have this shoes in this style? I usually wear 6.5 in US but not sure about this style in Fendi...I can only locate size 6..do u think it will fit my 6.5 feet? thx
  2. all my fendi shoes are TTS
  3. I'm usually a 7.5 or 8..and I have two wedges in each of those sizes that fit perfectly. I don't know why! I got the 7.5 because it was the only one left and I figured I could squish into it, or return it worst case..but it fits perfect and is the most comfortable shoe I have! The 8 fits perfect too so I don't know, depends on the shoe I guess.

    Are your feet narrow? Mine are very narrow so they always slip down and my toes stick out, so even if I get the *perfect size* it looks funny. This might work to your advantage since its a 6..if its the only one left maybe you should go for it like I did. If it doesn't work (blah!) then you could return it.
  4. I probably wouldn't go with it. I have always found Fendi shoes to be spot on. The only time I bought a size smaller was for a pair of slip ons.