fendi sequin spy...

  1. OH gawd!!! I am suddenly lusting for one.....:love: :heart: :rolleyes:

    anyone here has 1? would love to see some pics..please...:angel:
  2. I have one. Here's a pic:
    Fendi sequinned spy authentic.jpg
  3. Yowsa! Beautiful sequin spy, Greendrv! But then again, your whole collection is filled with gorgeous bags :love: :love: :love:
  4. That is a drool worthy bag!! Love the chocolate richness mixed with the eyecatching colors! Love it!
  5. OMG!!!! it's gorgeous!!! i want one:roflmfao: :lol:
  6. That bag is gorgeous!
  7. Thanks everyone! It was my first spy bag, and needless to say, I was hooked after this one!
  8. cani ask how much was it?
    its reallly nice!
  9. I'll PM you.
  10. green im sooo jealous!! i really want one...:love: :love:
  11. Love it!!! I love all your spy bags!!
  12. amourN20... if you find a sequin spy.. then youand greendrv will TOTALLY be spy bag twins... hehe..

    i love the sequin too!! but it's eeehhhh-eexxpensive!!
  13. how much is the sequin spy?:graucho:
  14. ^^^ I think like $5,500
  15. Amour keeping my fingers crossed that you find one!!! :biggrin: :graucho: ;)
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