Fendi Sequin Spy medium size!!??

  1. Hi Ladies,
    So this is delayed, but I am suddenly DYING for a medium sequinspy bag from last season. Does anyone know where I could begin searching or have any leads? Thanks so much in advance!!:love:
  2. Which one exactly are you talking about?
  3. maxinew - are you talking about the Zucca Spy with the small sequins and beads? It was an LE and only came in the regular Spy size. I think it is still $5490. The other sequined Spy has the large paillettes and sequins. It is $4890. That was also in the regular large size. NM has both online.
  4. SOrry girls!! I'm not well versed on Spy bags but I was talking about the one with the little colourful sequins which i guess is the Zucca Spy you're talking about jburgh. Is it hopeless???
  5. OH!!!
    Ok, I just went to NM...no, I am talking about the sequin spy from last year. THere are a few threads on it on here.I guess the only way to track it down would beebay then?
  6. If you want the regular full sized Spy then you can get it at Neiman Marcus. Here is the link:
  7. which sequin spy from last year? if you can post a link to the threads, or a pic, or whatever, we might actually be able to help you find it. if it is the black patent one with orange and blue beads, i think neiman's still has a few of those.
  8. She said colorful- might it be the elusive, super hard to find- "everyone wants one in their lifetime" rainbow sequin spy that the stars toted when spys first became popular?? lol. 2004 or 2005 or? Not sure.
    If so, eBay, a fortune in cash, and a MIRACLE are about the only chances of getting paws on one of those. LOL