Fendi sent me this for Christmas......

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  1. The postman just come, and I have just received this from Fendi, a lovely silk scarf, its covered in pleates, with the F logo on it. Got a smashing card from them yesterday, all in bronze and now this. Think its very sweet of them to send it to me. It goes well with the LE Zucca.
    138_3838.JPG 138_3839.JPG 138_3840.JPG
  2. oh,that is gorgeous! yes, what a stunning combo with the le zucca! enjoy
  3. Nice! Can we get modeling pics w/ the LE Zucca? Pretty please?
  4. Thats awesome saich2, luv it!
  5. very nice gift
  6. Oooh , I love that scarf!
  7. Oh Saich2! That is nice! Merry Christmas to you and all!!
  8. What a lovely gift to a wonderful, loyal Fendi customer!
  9. That is really nice! I like it! It is such a perfect addition to your new Fendi, not to mention those smashing shoes!!!
  10. What a great gift from Fendi! They really take care of their loyal customers
  11. Wow thats really nice... :tup:
  12. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!