Fendi Selleria

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  1. Just out of curiousity, what do you guys think of the Fendi Selleria bags? They claim Selleria bags are made with saddle making technique and best
    Roman Leather (sounds alot like a certain H brand...)etc. Do they actually compare to the Hermes leather?
  2. I've had Selleria bags - nice leather, but no comparison to H
  3. I had two.....but, after the novelty wore off, I gave them away. I always go back to H.
  4. I can understand that CG - I very seldom get rid of any of my bags (I have bags from the early 80's still! lol!). However, I got rid of the Fendi Sellerias. I would compare them more to Tod's leather I think.
  5. That's a good comparison, Rana. I try to never have more than about a dozen purses on hand, and often pass on what I'm not using fairly regularly. At this moment, I only have H purses....haven't bought any other brand for more than two years, I think.
  6. I hope Fendi is improving their quality, but I have never had anything that didn't fall apart. I tried SEVERAL becasue I liked the look of them, but they all fell apart. And I am not THAT hard on bags.

    The last one was about 4 years ago, so I can't speak to their quality since then.
  7. Sellerias was one of the "IT" bags I used to carry to university almost 3 or 4 years ago?
  8. So how have they fell apart? did the seams split or the handles come off etc.?
  9. I have used a few Fendi Selleria bags and my mom uses hers a lot, but I wouldn't compare their quality to Hermès leathers. Hermès leathers are much stronger in my opinion.
  10. Screws came out of hardware, hardware fell off, glue came undone and linings ripped out because they were made too short for the bag.
  11. Glue? :wtf: I think that says it all really!!
  12. I have two, a tote and a shoulder bag with zippered pockets and I have seriously abused both, they've stood up very well and I think the style with the stitching is nice, timeless not trendy. The leather is textured like some of my H bags but much thinner (thus they weigh a lot less than H but are ultimately probably not as hardy). I often use my selleria tote with a kelly when I'm schlepping around gym clothes...my lunch...etc.
  13. Unfortunately glue is something big brands love to use on their bags to cut costs these days.
  14. I love fendi selleria and have a few pieces , the leather is similar in my opinion to clemence. ive never had a problem with them and they are used a lot!