Fendi Selleria tote - what do you think

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  1. Hi all!

    So, I must admit it, I've been to the movie and saw the Devil Wears Prada and, BAM! One bag struck me and touched me straight to the heart: the white Fendi Selleria tote that Meryl Streep was carrying! OMG!! :drool: It can only be seen like 2 seconds, but that was more than enough for me to fell in love with it!

    I found the bag in another colour on E-Luxury (eLUXURY - Fendi - Selleria Large Buckles Tote fendi), but wanted to know if any of you owns that magnificent bag (in white?). What do you think about it, how is it, etc?

    I know it might be part of an old collection (the movie is in theatre now in Europe) as the movie was probably shot last year, but you know how it goes: if you like it, doesn't matter if it's "in" :P
  2. I'm sorry Sun Jae, to be honest, I'm not loving it... :shame: And for that amount of money, I think you could buy a much prettier bag...but that's just me! :shrugs:

    But if you really love the bag and it takes your breath away like you say, then you should get it!!!!!!! :yes: ;) I am all for buying things that make me happy!!! :P
  3. I'm actually not sure about getting it, that's why I wanted some feedback from the experts ^_^ It sure looked good to me on screen, but I have no idea as to how it looks "in real" (as you say, for that amount of money, I'd better be sure!!). But thanks for letting me have your point of view! ;)
  4. I actually REALLY love this bag! I saw it in leather at NM and was like..WOW..PHH hated it though..hee.hee
  5. For some reason I don't like all the buckles on this bag.

    I have a Fendi Sellari and the leather is butter soft and I get compliments whenever I carry it. I'll attach a pic.

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  6. ^isnt that the LINDA selleria bag..Its so PRETTY! LOVES IT!
  7. Its not really "my cup of tea" but if you love it go for it.
  8. I like maxter's - nice color - but the one from eluxury is a little too fendi-stamped for my taste.
  9. Thanks for the nice compliments about my bag! Yes I do think it is called "Linda" Sellaria. It is a little more understated than other Sellaria bags I've seen that have "FENDI" stamped all over them.
  10. Naaaay for me to be honest =(
  11. I love this bag, but in the all leather version. I just bought one on sale at Barneys in black--40% off and am happy-happy!!!! The proportions work well, particularly for those of us who are more petite--it's not too huge, but still holds a lot.
  12. I'm not feeling the bag either... but like what the other ladies said, don't let what we say influence your opinion! If you really love the bag and it fits in with your daily needs, then go for it! :P
  13. One thing I think I'm going to especially like about my new Selleria is that I won't see myself coming and going on the streets of Manhattan, as I do with my Muses and Balenciagas. Although I like both of those brands, I'm tired of my husband pointing at someone and saying "oh--there's your handbag" LOL!
  14. I Love it! The pic of the mannequin (sp?) holding it really shows it off nicely. Dang, as if it isn't bad enough that I want a Spy in every color. Now, I think I like this one enough to add to my desired bag list! And I like that brown color too.

  15. LOL!:roflmfao: