Fendi Selleria--please provide more info!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm a new member of tPF and I'm really happy to finally be a part of the family =)

    I've got a question about the Fendi Selleria line--they definitely aren't as popular as the general Zucca bags, but is it because they're more elite and rare? They seem to have more of a vintage feel to them. Can anyone give me a history on them, how rare they are, etc.? I really like the horse emblem Fendi Sellerias, but I can't seem to find any that are all leather (the ones I've seen in a brief search were linen/fabric). And what's the design on the ribbon of the bags between the "Fendi Selleria"s supposed to be of?

    Well, I'm clearly new to this and only recently discovered the beauty of the Selleria line. So any info well be greatly appreciated, and any pictures of your Sellerias will be greatly envied!

    Thanks =)
  2. I have the Roman Selleria and I think part of the reason they are pricier is that there is more hand work in the manufacturing. They don't seem to be particularly rare--but--they are numbered limited editions. According to the history card that came with mine, the line began in the 1990s and was based upon traditional Roman leather crafting techniques. Princes would ride their horses from the palaces to Villa Borghese and wanted to show off the quality of their saddles. Adele Fendi is the Fendi that oversaw the transition of saddle making skills to the creation of the handbags.
  3. Like susan-eric said, whenever I look at their tags/cards, they say handmade.
  4. I don't think they are that rare but probably the design is not on a mass market basis.

    The leather is just amazing and I love the smell, so intoxicating.

    I posted the picture a number of times but here it is for you. :smile:

  5. The leather is treated for 7 days in a tumbler kind of thing. Which gives it that grainyness. Then it is all hand stitched. It is Fendi's best leather and most expensive.
  6. Initially I would worry that it being a hand stitched bag, it may fall apart or something but it's really holding up strong.
  7. I have shoes and sunglasses that say "Fendi Selleria". I figured that "Selleria" had something to do with the leather, because the shoes and sunglasses both have the same textured leather on them. Neither came with history cards, so this is cool to know!
  8. wow thanks for all the info, and thanks fuyumi for the picture *drool*!

    susan-eric, since you mentioned the numbering, im looking at some of the tags of the ones being sold on eBay right now. http://www.chenza.com/Ebay/8BR457FendiInsidePlate.jpg this is of the inside plate. how do you tell if the purse is authentic by the plate alone? im sure the number before the dash and after the dash indicate something specific. plus, im wondering what other tell-tale signs there are when im shopping for these bags.

    thanks i appreciate your help! :smile:
  9. I think selleria is an equestrian reference. Here's mine; my first Fendi. I just love it. Ive seen this model in black and bronze. Im really crazy about the thick stitching.

    Like any nice bag, I would not load it up with a ton of heavy junk. I think it would stress and stretch it out. I found this picture of Lindsay Lohan with my Selleria and it looks like shes got it loaded up to within an inch of its life.
    IMG_2083.JPG bak.jpg 0077e1689nv.jpg
  10. I'm not a Selleria expert--just have the one bag--but the plate should be sterling and marked as such on the bottom. At least, that is the way mine is. The number of digits before and after the dash seems to be correct, although what specifically the numbers mean, I don't know and I don't know if the numbers on this photo are actual production numbers. But, I would be concerned that the tag is not marked sterling. The tag on the sleeper bag is not marked, but the tag inside my bag is. Here's an example of a selleria listing from a reputable consignment store in NY that also sells on eBay and that has a photo of the inner metal tag. Notice how the tag is marked sterling at the bottom? This is what I'm referring to:
    eBay: New Large Fendi Selleria Pink Metallic Hobo Tote Bag (item 6785988215 end time Feb-05-07 13:19:52 PST)
  11. You know what? I think its a damn good fake. I was convinced that it was totally real but now that I look at the inside tag, everything is off. I dont want to felp the fakers. I had a huge explanation why, but Im afraid to help the evil-doers....how can I explain the huge flaws so you guys dont get ripped?

    Fakes really make me mad. What a waste of time. I might gripe on the authenticate pages now.

  12. Not all Selleria is sterling silver. The older styles have sterling silver hardware but not the new ones. The stopped making it with sterling. A lot of people complained about the sterling as well b/c it would tarnish.
  13. yeah about that--how do we discuss how we tell if something's fake if what we say could be taken and used by fakers?

    and what are the authentication pages? im assuming i'd need clearance or something to get in there L0L but im really interested in checking out the authentication pages, esp. since im looking for a good selleria and hope to read more about how the moderators of these pages authenticate items.
  14. go into authenticate this fendi at the top of the threads and post some pics. A lot of people can pick out what is off about the bag. Thats what I would do, or take it to a Saks or bloomies and see if they can authenticate it.
  15. Mine is from this past season--the Roman Selleria--with 1925 and Fendi on the front of the leather and it has a sterling silver marked tag.