Fendi Selleria Linen Handbag

  1. Hi Members,

    I need your help...I am thinking about purchasing a Fendi Selleria Linen Handbag from Styledrops which looks like this


    but I noticed on E-Luxury they do not have this bag, that have the Boston bag in the Fendi Selleria Linen and the material looks different the bag on Styledrops.


    Help can this be, does Fendi make the bag that features at Styledrops?:oh:

    I have bought items from Style and they have been authentic, but this one looks so different. I dont' know if it is just the picture or what.
  2. Styledrops is LEGIT...just a different bag!
  3. Thanks Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  4. Has anyone seen the shopper tote in the waxed canvas, and what do you think of it?

    I'm considering it to hold my books/laptop/groceries, but unsure... is it too tacky?