Fendi Selleria Linen Boston Bag


Dec 13, 2005
This is a pretty unique bag to add to a collection. It is $1,090 Do you think the price is a little high for a novelty bag?
It kind of seems too.. crass in terms of branding. Kind of like the globe shopper bags from Louis Vuitton, or the Prada bags with the large label that takes up most of the bag.

I think bags should be understated, and they should be recognized as luxury items through quality and style, rather than through massive branding !
Ooh... I so agree with Ayla. It's like "Look at me, I am a FENDI!" Don't shoot me, but it reminds me of a gym bag that some polo player may carry. Not sure why that particular sport comes in mind... maybe it's the horse....

For that money, I would definitely get something else... It's a little too brandish for my liking.
I dropped or bumped that bag of it's podium in Fendi this week. It toppled to the floor. I picked it up and it was very forgetable. Don't spend the $$$ on it IMO.