------Fendi Selleria Grand Boughese Bag Opinions Please ------------

  1. Hi everyone - does anyone has a new Selleria Grand Boughese Bag in a silver greyish color that came out this fall? I bought it at Fendi and looooove it.... Any opinions out there on this bag?

    Also, price tag at Saks and Fendi stores is $2350. E-luxury sells what I believe is a slighy smaller version in other colors for $2190...Anyone knows why difference in price? Thanks :smile:)) :yahoo:
  2. I have it in the cream color & love it. But it is quite large & destined for travel times in sunny place...:supacool: there is a smaller version of the same bag, that might be more of an everyday handbag..:yes:
  3. The cream color is beautiful :smile: Thanks for your reply :smile:
  4. It's a lovely bag made with beautiful leather- quite sizable though, even in it's smaller size.