Fendi Selleria classic shopping tote: still in production?


Dec 11, 2009
Hello everyone, I'm in need of your expertise to know if a particular bag is still for sale at Fendi/is still being produced: the Fendi Selleria shopping tote.
I don't know the exact name of this bag, but the style has been produced in a wide variety of materials and colours, including the classic Zucca, denim and canvas.

It's been a while though since I've seen an all-leather one (from the Selleria line) in a shop window, and I was wondering whether it's still in production or not.

I'm in love with this classic, minimalistic bag and I really hope there are still some available around.

A couple pics I've found on the Web so that you can identify it:

Thank you in advance, have a nice day :smile: