Fendi Sellaria bags in NM *pics*

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    White Sellaria $2190 Tan Sellaria $1430
  2. Thanks! I've never seen that top one!
  3. I actually really like the Selleria leather line..
  4. ^^Me too! :love:
  5. Me too! Here's one of my favorite bags. I think she needs a fun scarf for spring!!
  6. I actually purchased the one on the right (Fendi Large Villa Borghese Tote) in beige/black. She looks sooo beautiful in white though! Mine is coming from Saks.com in a few days and I can't wait now! Here's a link to the bag that was originally $1,800 that I got for only $720!!!!

    Fendi - Large Villa Borghese Tote - Saks.com


    I'll do a separate post with pictures when it comes. :yahoo:
  7. The white looks great.