Fendi scarf hologram peels off and looks blurred

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  1. Hi !

    I just got this preowned Fendi silk scarf. I've been looking for a nice red/pink silk scarf almost everywhere and came across this one on Vestiare Collective. I thought this one must be real because the seller posted a picture of the label (with the hologram of course).

    However, when I got the scarf, I easily peeled off the thin upper layer of the hologram, leaving a mark that still seems like a hologram... I got a feeling this isn't real. I've seen the horror stories about VC so I'm not entirely optimistic about getting a refund. But I still want to know how you experienced eyes look at this...

    Please disregard my bad-looking nail.

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  2. Please post in the Authenticate This thread, thanks!
Thread Status:
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