Fendi Satchel?

  1. Hello everyone! Do any of you know when Fendi first made the satchel in the cloth material (as opposed to the heavier material of the vintage bags)? My friend recently acquired one, and she's not sure if it's real. It's brown zucca with two leather handles (kinda the shape of the LV Speedy), it has the older plate and zipper pulls (the gold, round ones), and it's lined with a light brownish/goldish material that says Fendi intermittently. She cannot find a serial number on it (although I confess I don't know how well she looked). I've seen fakes of the same bag, and they all had a contrast color stitching around the top zipper; hers has matching stitching. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Is there anyway you can post pics of the bag? It makes it easier to determine if it is authentic.
  3. I will try to get her to take some. Thanks!
  4. Here are the pictures she sent me. And thanks Fendigal!
    Fendi.jpg Fendi inside.jpg