Fendi Sale

  1. So just letting everyone know that for Columbus Day weekend the Fendi outlet is having a sale. 20% off bags, wallets, scarves, and belts. 30% off clothes and shoes. Just to give you and idea of what we have:

    Bags: Sweet tube (all sizes)
    Selleria styles
    Bag IT

    Clothes: anything from the spring/summer 2006 collection or prior collections

    Shoes: Spring summer 2006 (in stores like 2 months ago)
    Fall winter 2006

    If you have any comments or questions just let me know.
    The sale ends on Monday!!
  2. Where is the fendi outlet and do you have any spys?
  3. I think the only one is in Woodbury Commons... the mecca of all outlets! LOL. I doubt that they'll have Spys there, probably only past season stuff.
  4. There's also one in Orlando, FL.
  5. No spy bags. Sorry! There are 2 outlets, one in NY and one in FL.
  6. do they still have the baguettes (beaded, embroidered ones) and mama baguettes at woodbury commons?
  7. god i wish i lived in the states
  8. thanks for the info.
  9. We don't have any momma baguettes, but we have one baguette that is covered in fur multi-colored petals.
  10. I went by the store here in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. They have alot of shoes,wallets,belts,and clothes. The handbags were kind of slim pickings. I asked when the new shipment of the things would be in but they don't really know have like a set schedule. Most of the bag were leather and funky kinds of bags. Sorry I'm not good with the Fendi style names. But I plan to go out there Wednesday and I'll give a report.
  11. In Orlando, any B buckle shoes? Wish I had read this thread yesterday... sigh.
  12. The sale was actually extended until the 16th, but no B anything, or spy bags. We have spy dresses and shoes though.
  13. I am still sad that I didn't get the shoes from winter last year (I think) with the Lucite wedge heel...any of those there???
  14. called the Fendi Outlet yesterday because I was gonna stop by but the SA said save it. They didn't have anything B:crybaby:
  15. OOH-Any spy shoe Flats..Id so buy those!!!!