Fendi Sale

  1. my SA at Fendi called and said they are doing a presale now for their sale that starts June 1st if anyone if interested.
  2. Do you know what is going on sale? Surely not the spys:love: .... I could only dream!
  3. No I don't. He had mentioned some shoes and other stuff. But when he didnt say "Spy Bags" I just tuned him out. LOL:P
  4. ^^LOL! How about B Bags?
  5. I know you may not be able to answer this, but is that in Canada as well?
  6. I went to the Fendi boutique earlier tonight and they had tons of shoes marked 40% off.

    If there are any shoe lovers (especially high heels) out there you should go and check it out.

    I saw so many that I loved but I need to cut back on spending.
  7. Not sure Jill. I doubt it though.
    I just looked at shoes and left.
  8. I'm quite sure it's just shoes, wallets and a few ready-to-wear pieces.
  9. are the fendi B. wedges on sale?? anyone..elux is out of my size :sad:
  10. Does anyone know if they are just shoes or are there any bags on sale??
  11. Yes. I did see some wedges while I was there
  12. which fendi? please dont tell me the one at SCP haha, I called there 3 days ago and the lady had a HEAVY accent and didnt know what the hell i was talking about and told me "no shoes are on sale"
    i was like ok, whatever. bye. lol
  13. I thought all Fendi boutiques have their sale at the same time :blink:
  14. I was wondering same thing, sale at every store?
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