Fendi sale on RueLaLa on Friday!

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  1. The Fendi sale starts Friday at 11:00. I just signed up, and I'm hoping for some good buys.

    Has anyone shopped with them before? How fast do the good items go?
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  3. I joined by doing a search for cbs (they did an article on ruelala) join ruelala, and there was a link to join.
  4. Good items are sold out within the 1st 30mins of the boutique opening. Today it was James Perse and all the good stuff were sold out by 11:30am. Girls are quick to draw I'm already trained :yes::yahoo:I grabbed all my things today as soon as the boutique opened at 11am and was done and checked out by 11:02am. lol :wlae:

    I confess I am a shopaholic!:shame:
  5. ^^

    Awesome! Thanks for the "Invetation"! I just signed up!;)
  6. i am sooo mad! i forgot and i missed out!! ahhh....you are lucky girls
  7. ^ Don't feel bad. You didn't miss anything. Prices were not so great. :tdown: Was a complete waste of a Friday morning for me.
  8. whats this about? would love information! also do you know anything about Queen Moda is that site auth? Has anyone bought anything off this site? Its Queenmoda.com