Fendi S/S 09 collection - any opinions?

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  1. Was just checking NM site and checked out the new Spring bags. I'm really loving some of those bags. I thought this was really cute for the summer, nice and colorful! There were some unique, colorful baguettes and rainbow bags too. :heart:Anyone else loving this seasons bags?

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  2. ^Yes, I've heard them called the peekaboo bags too! I'm really curious to see how Fendi prices them, particularly the black patent. :graucho:
  3. went i was at a fendi boutique a couple weeks ago, my SA was very excited about that bag & the options for it are endless - various leathers, skins, colors, etc. she is supposed to call me when they come in ... i am very excited!! i honestly forget the price point, but there was a huge range...
  4. i have the info sheets from fendi for the peekaboo, too much to list here right now, no prices yet though, if you pm me i can e-mail them to you.
    i love this bag!
    oh it comes in 3 sizes!
  5. prices maybe later today!
  6. I could imagine people stopping me to tell me my purse is hanging open.
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    ^Several of us were speculating in the thread about the peekaboos last year that it seems unlikely that the runway look is meant to translate to the real world.... I think most women would close the turnlock, right? That's the way its shown in LOREBUNDE's link.

    Weekender2, I'm anxious to hear the prices!
  8. darn, sa not in today, was wondering why she hadn't e-mailed me back, lol
    manana I guess.
  9. I love the peekaboo bag. That along with the pink patent baguette will probably end up in my collection. FENDI has lured me back in with this year's collection. So fab.
  10. the 1 i am interested in is the medium goatskin with zucca lining, the price point on that is 1980.00
    more prices tomorrow
  11. I'd like to know the prices too of this peek a boo bag and all the colors it comes in. I think this is going to be a hot bag this season!:tup: I can just see Lindsey, Katie, and the Olsen twins with this bag, he he
  12. I checked with fendi, the peekaboo bags are special order. I cant remember the exact prices but i remember them being very high! The cheapest one is the one i attached and its for about 4,100 dollars. I will order that one today (hopefully) unfortunately it takes one month to ship:sad:

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  13. Well I guess I won't be ordering one! Way too much for me :nogood: