Fendi reveal :)

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  1. I have a couple of new pretties.
    3Jours with dark gray interior, on sale. Love it!

    And a cute key pouch my husband got for me yesterday! Such a surprise.

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  2. And I ALWAYS have to have matching shoes.

    Gianvito Rossi pumps to go with.

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  3. And an absolute perfect match - Rockstud pumps to go with the 3Jours!

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  4. Big big congrats, nascar fan! I love everything in the pictures! :hbeat: Your 3Jours is fabulous and together with your Valentinos... super fabulous! :loveeyes: And what a beautiful surprise from your husband! The monster pouch is so cute! Excellent combo with your Peekaboo! :love::tup: You have such great taste! ;)
  5. Thanks! I love Fendi. It has taken over my purse obsession. It's taken me a bit to find my fave styles, though. I think the 3Jours first and PB second. The little 2Jours are ok but I like the other two better. The regular 2Jours is good but big.
    But just love them all!
    I have one more PB on my list. Hopefully it works out in about a month. I'll keep it a secret until then so it doesn't disappear out from under me (in other words, someone grabs it before I do). :lol:
    I check in here every so often but nothing happens, so I just stay quiet.
  6. Your 3Jours and PB are so lovely! I really hope you can get the PB on your wish list! ;) I completely understand you, I'm already checking the Fendi Italy website to see if they have stock of some buggies and some mini BTW... :graucho: as I hope there will still be stock by the time I get to Rome in... September! :rolleyes::sweatdrop::lol:
  7. I love all your new pretties, nascar! The neutral PB and shoes are so elegant, and the 3Jours & Valentino shoes in hot magenta are just plain sizzling.

    The Fendi monster pouch has such a sense of humor... I think it would make me giggle every time I took it out of my bag! It's as though it's saying "Yeah... WHAT????" It's got attitude!
  8. There were a few mini BTWs on the sale table at the Dallas Neimans. Another magenta 3Jours, some cute little micro bags.

    LOL! I like that "yeah, what?"
    I love the crystal eyes.
  9. Thanks, nascar fan! ;)
  10. Oooooo great color.
  11. Beautiful choices :graucho:
  12. I love the neutral color on this peekaboo. May I know which one this is?
  13. Congrats on your new beauties! Absolutely beautiful.

    I think Fendi is so underrated. Their quality is awesome I have Fendi bags that are 4 to 8 years old (mostly baguettes) that still look new. They have held up so well and you don't see Fendi everywhere.
  14. I wish I could remember the name of the color. It was last season's, I think. I got it maybe 6, 7 months ago. If there is a way to find out, let me know. Seems like it was called Dove or something like that.

    I agree, very underrated. Very beautiful and the quality is exceptional.
    The PBs are pretty pricey, and the 3Jours. Maybe that's why there aren't more? I don't know, but I love them to death and so happy I found a brand that I love (besides Valentino).
  15. Nice bags!