Fendi resale value?

  1. hello ladies, i am not normally on this thread but need your advice on something. my friend is trying to sell her Mini Mama Baguette Zucchino Bag in tan. it was purchased a few years ago but has been sitting in her closet for the past 2 years! it's in excellent condition and had a strap replaced about three years ago and she has the controllato card. i'm not sure what the retail on the bag was but what do you think it can go for? :shrugs:

    thank you so much ladies!!
  2. S - I don't think it is a very expensive bag in FENDI dollars...:rolleyes: (ie given spy bags are over $2000, a minimama is just a drop in the bucket...)

    an older one should sell in the $50 - $200 area on eBay - depending on condition, etc.

    Fendi Spy bags & related bags tend to hold their retail value the best.
  3. you could try to look it up on eBay -- you can search completed listings associated with your fendi to see what they have gone for... just a thought! best of luck in your sale!
  4. thanks ladies i will try those tips. and yes i need to adopt a spy. very yummy!!!!
  5. Hi Shorty! Nice seeing you here. :yes: Baglady summed it up pretty well. And yes you should get a spy bag.... or a few of them. :graucho:
  6. oh kavandoo i'm only a newbie with designer bags but i think i'm gonna need some bag rehab. bag addiction is pretty baaad!! this is what i get for venturing beyond gucci. :sad: one day i will own a spy... ONE DAY!!!