Fendi repair


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May 4, 2006
My husband bought me during a cruise vacation a few years ago 2 Fendi hanbags in Nassau, Bahamas. They where bought at a store that sold high end merchandise, I forget the name. The handbags are peeling in some areas, does anyone know where to get them fixed or how to return them or any suggestions please????? Thanks for the suggestions.

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Feb 26, 2006
You should bring it back to the Fendi store near you and ask if they can help. They're usually very helpful. A few years back the interior of my mom's Chanel 2.55 grew moldy and sticky (humid weather) and she brought it back to the Chanel in another country. They gave her a new one in exchange! I would say bring it to Fendi and see if they can help.


Sep 13, 2005
I had as problem with my Fendi bag which was purchased from Saks and the Fendi store would not fix it. They told me they will only repair bags that were bought in the Fendi Boutiques and you must have the receipt from a Fendi store. They will not repair any bags from Neimans, Saks or any other place. I thought this was odd and I asked for a Manager and she said it is because they are having a hard time telling the fakes and they will only service there bags and they told me even though Fendi made it, it must be purchased directly from them in order for the repair to be done. I just was told this yesterday so it is up to date.

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May 17, 2006
I got the same response from the SA on Rodeo Dr. A few of the pearls on my tulle fendi are loose and about to fall off. The bag was purchased at the London boutique and my boyfriend is not one to hold on to receipts. Anyway the SA was really nice and suggested since I didn't have a receipt I could get it repaired at Saks or Neimans if I had a connection or contact with the SA's there. He said that's another way to get your bags repaired.


Apr 28, 2006
For those in the USA who need handbag repair, I have a good source here in the Seattle area. I have posted about them before on this forum but I'll post here again too in case this info is useful for you too. These people do ALL of Nordstrom's handbag repairs. I have had several bags repaired by them and they do a good job and are really nice to deal with.

Extra Care Handbag Repair
1029 S 146th St
Burien, WA 98168