Fendi Repair?

  1. hey everyone,

    the leather strap on my fendi purse is starting to split in half. does anyone know if they will repair it and if so, what the process is? thanks! :smile:
  2. If you purchased a bag from a Fendi boutique or leased store (Saks 5th ave has one, bloomies has one), and you still have the original receipt, Fendi will repair the item at NO COST to you IF it is within a year of purchase.

    If you purchased a bag from a Fendi boutique or leased store (Saks 5th ave has one, bloomies has one), and DON'T have the original reciept, Fendi can TRY to find the reciept for you. If they can't find the receipt, they will repair it at YOUR COST! (as long as the style was in a Fendi store at some point or if the SA knows you bought it from them.)

    If you purchased a bag NOT from a Fendi boutique or leased store, they will NOT repair the bag. Example: Purchasing a bag from Neiman Marcus, it must be taken to Neiman Marcus to be repaired.

    And if the bag is fake (whether you know or not) they will not repair it at all.
  3. thanks for the help, fendilover :smile:
  4. MiSsxhuStLer, The older straps on some Fendi models did that a lot. Any good leather or shoe repair shop could fix it for you. I think the older straps softened more than the newer ones too.
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    Hey ladies, My Fendi chef lost the grommet that holds the handle on. Grommet is gone forever. I bought mine at a Neimanns 2 (maybe 3?) years ago. I took it to a leather store with a great rep for repair in DC, but they couldn't find any piece that would fit. They looked for me for MONTHS. I'd really like for it to be a Fendi part, but after doing some digging here, it sounds like I'm SOL. :sad: Any ideas????

    If it's this hard to get a part for a two year old Fendi bag, as much as I love Fendi, I doubt I'll buy one ever again. Maybe I'm a total newbie, but I would think that Fendis wouldn't just lose handles, grommets, straps, etc. It's sadly disheartening!

    EDIT: Ok, so I realized I do have the grommet, but I need the screw back part that holds the grommet in place (to close the leather piece that holds the handle). Just wanted to add the correction. The repairman looked for a screw that would hold the "FF" grommet in place since April, but couldn't find one that would fit.
  6. Wow I just joined this forum and thought I'd hunt around. I've owned my Fendi B for 3 years I rarely use it and this past Jan when I was using it quite a bit the strap broke. Sadly I was on a business trip and had to sort of attempt to carry it along anyway concealing the fault. I was really worried I'd gotten a fake. (It was too small a bag for my mother in law so she gave it to me. I didn't buy it. And I'm not willing to admit to her I broke the strap!) so I hadn't even attempted to get it fixed. The idea of a fake made me ill.