Fendi recommendation for Mom?

  1. I want to get my mom a nice Fendi bag for Christmas. She is definitely not trendy, so anything like a Spy is out of the question. She prefers bags that she can carry on her shoulder, not ones with short handles. A classic style would be good for her. Medium sized, not oversized, and she likes structured bags, not hobos. Any ideas?
  2. [​IMG][​IMG] I like these, If I were in the market for a Fendi I would want one of these bags! :smile: There are the Fendi east west bags!
  3. ^purseloco, that's exactly what I was going to recommend. :yes:
  4. Thank you for your suggestions. Anything a little .... er ... affordable? I've already bought her jewelry!
  5. Sorry Lori! Got carried away.

    You may try Jomashop.com. They actually sell authentic Fendis, and have a pretty decent selection of more affordable Fendis in lots of cute styles, and those more affordable styles are further deeply discounted on Jomashop. I bought an authentic metallic spy there for 50% off.
  6. Decophile,
    Do you know of any other sites similar to jomashop.com that would sell authentic Fendi spys with such large discounts?

  7. I think I may go for this one ... it's $360 on Bluefly and I have a coupon for an additional 15% off!

    She's getting tons of other stuff from me (peridot necklace and matching earrings, makeup, cookbooks -- as per her request!) so I can't go too overboard on the purse selection!
  8. Argh! It just sold out!!! I will check back on the site again -- maybe someone put it in their cart and hasn't bought it ...
  9. Sorry, I don't. Even Jomashop doesn't carry them regularly. When I got mine it was a rare fluke, and they only had one of my style. They don't carry multiples of the spy. But the less expensive Fendis they regularly have in stock.
  10. HA! GOT IT! Someone must have put it in their cart and then Bluefly took it out after one hour. I snagged it and even was able to use my 15% additional discount! Yea! :yahoo:

    I hope that Mom likes it ... she is SO picky when it comes to handbags ... good thing Bluefly has a great return policy! :yes:
  11. another vote for purseloco's suggestions :biggrin: