Fendi, questionable construction.

  1. :crybaby: I remeber in the early 90's the Fendi logo bag were real popular. I had friends that bought one and they fell apart very easily, this stopped me from buying them. Strings would be hanging off of them. They were the real Fendi, not fakes. I am not surprised that some are having problems with the quality of your bags. If they don't wear well, take them bag if you can. I was having a moment were I was actually considering a spy bag, and I was reading some old threads about people having problems with them not wearing well. I decided to try another designer.
  2. The Fendi Spy is one of the most gorgeous handbags that I have ever seen. The leather is incredible, so...
    :crybaby: Waaah! Why do Spy's have to have these various problems?
    I want one in every color!
  3. I don't know, they are very interesting bags. I have been looking at them, But I would be mad as :censor: if i bought one and it didn't last long.
  4. I've had 3 spies and I've not had any problems with any of them.
  5. I have had zucca's bags from the early 90's and they held up very well.
  6. I think any bag (doesn't matter what price or brand) if used every day for a long period of time would start to crumble. Personally, I try and use dif. bag every day, so every bag in my collection gets used once a month (some twice a month) at the most. Am I making sense?:nuts:
  7. Same here. I've had my Spy for almost a year now, and it's one of the few bags that I've used the most, and the leather (it's black) and handles have been holding up fine.
  8. I agree with LV_Addict.. at least this way u'll get ur money worth.. especially with expensive bags like spy..
  9. I agree with that.:yes:

  10. :yes: This is so true. I always try and switch around my bags and it really minimizes the wear and tear. :flowers: