Fendi Question!

Yes, Fendi did make a round zipper pull. I have a chef bag that has a plain gold ring as a zipper pull, rather than the newer pull that actually has Fendi spelled out on the zipper pull. I don't exactly remember when I got it - maybe about 3 years ago.
Thanks. Mine's a silver round zipper pull that has the logo in the middle, and Fendi Roma Italy 1925 around it. I got this bag amongst a whole garbage bag full of purses from aunt, who knows someone who lives in Cali and has so many bags she had to give a bunch away.

Does this look like an authentic to anyone?

[This is really bad lighting btw, but the best lighting I can get at 2 30 am]


Any help with this would be appreciated...thanks!
Hmmm...I've never seen that style zipper pull before, but that doesn't mean much because I'm not much of an expert :rolleyes: . You might want to post pics in the authentication thread - you might get more help there.
Hmm, normally that zipper pull is in the interior of the bag, for the interior pocket. That doesn't necessarily mean that this bag is a fake, but I can't tell from the pic.
The inside and the outside pockets of the purse all have that same zipper pull on it. All of these purses are relatively old (the Dooneys in this assortment of purses look to be 90's.
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The inside of the purse in question has this material that appears to be dark at first glance, but if you hold it up to the light, it looks different...kind of shimmers? It has the Fendi's sewen into the inside of it, spelled from right to left, instead of left to right. I would post pictures, but I really don't think I'll be able to get a really good picture of the inside of the purse.

I'm wondering if this is an authentic Fendi, but maybe just a few years old? I hope it is...I don't want to be carrying a knock off. It's just tacky.

Hope this helps!