Fendi quality issues

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  1. I’m hoping to get a little insight or guidance.

    I’ll start off by saying I am BRAND NEW to high end designer bags. I have never had anything higher than a Kate Spade.

    My husband surprised me with my dream bag for my birthday - a fendi peekaboo regular in Roman leather. I was ecstatic but quickly found out the bag would not sit on its own. It would always fall over to one side whether there was stuff in it or not. It was like the base was warped because one of the feet was not even making contact with the surface it was sitting on. Fendi quickly took it back and were very apologetic.

    They sent a new one. But that one looks like it had been used. It had a big scratch on the inside of the bag on the brown suede leather and the hardware had all the hairline scratches consistent with closing the clasp and turning it. There was also a white mark on the base. By this point we are a little miffed. Fendi again apologizes and we send the bag back. My husband is very clear that we do not want to go through this again and if they send us another bag to please do a thorough inspection. They said of course and we decided to give them another chance.

    I just received the 3rd bag today and I am gutted. There is a scratch on the side of the purse and at the top part where the clasp is - the leather looks smooth - not like the grained leather consistency of the rest of the bag.

    My question is - are these things normal? Are we just being too picky? I can’t ever remember my $300-$400 bags having such pronounced imperfections. I’ve wanted a peekaboo for over 7 years and I just am so disappointed that this has been my experience.

    It’s especially difficult to send these bags back because I’m in Canada in a place where there is no fendi store anywhere close to me and it always seems to get stuck in customs both ways because of the materials.

    I’m desperate for some advice. thank you in advance.
  2. It wouldn’t let me add these to my original post but here is the issues from the bag today

    Attached Files:

  3. I am very sorry that you have had quality issues with Fendi. I have approximately 7 Fendi bags, and I have never had a quality issue. I’m afraid I don’t see the problem in your photo. Natural leather does have variations. The scratches you mentioned were definitely a problem that needed to be resolved. However, I am inclined to think the photos you posted are natural variations in the leather. Perhaps it states that in one of the cards included with the bag? I used to purchase Coach, and every bag seemed to be identical. I have noticed that the higher-priced, higher end bags do sometimes have more variations. However, please do not let this discourage you. I hope you can see that each bag has its own personality.

    For what it is worth, the leather in the photos you posted looks delicious!! I hope you can enjoy.

    The Fendi forum is a bit slow. So please feel free to post this on the Bags bags bags forum ( I think that is what it is called).
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  4. Thank you so much for replying.

    I guess I just wasn’t sure if the more smoothed out leather at the top was normal. What you said makes sense though.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any cards or care instructions at all. I love the bag so much - I think it’s just a change from what I’m used to - highly manufactured vs. Handmade

    Do you know how/if I should protect the leather?
  5. Protecting leather is a tricky question.
    Some protectants can actually be harmful. However, there are a couple of trusted products. Collonil Waterstop is a spray that will leave no residue or odor and is good for suede or light colored bags you want to stain guard.

    Apple guard or Cadillac are conditioners. I have used Apple with excellent results, but I have not used Cadillac. I have read here that it is very good. I would recommend using it on an inexpensive Bag, wallet, or piece of leather first to try out these products before using them on your expensive bag.

  6. The scratch is an issue, but if you think that it'll get scratched eventually then you can weigh that against the hassle of shipping it back. But if you baby your bags, don't ever see it getting scratched through YOUR use, or just can't get past it (which is valid, there's some things on my bags that I can't unsee) then go ahead and try again. Is there no Holt Renfrew near you? Or a Fendi boutique instead of a standalone store?

    The leather graining is natural variation and not a defect, but is up to personal taste.
  7. Sorry to hear about the quality issues.

    I’m having a hard time seeing the issue too but understand wanting your first premier designer bag to be perfect. If you can live with what you’re seeing, I say keep it and enjoy it. The peekaboo is a beautiful bag!
  8. The scratch on the side of the purse may actually be a glue reside. Have you tried to rub it a bit with your fingers to see if it rolls off? I had something similar on my men's Peekaboo and it rubbed off.

    As for the leather looking different at the top on one side, it is part of the natural veining of the leather, although I am surprised that it made it to the front of the bag instead of inside where the lining is. They should select the appropriate leather based on how it is grained if it is to appear on the exterior of the bag. If they centered this where the lock is, then it would look more intentional and symmetrical (as long as the hide is big enough for this). But at the moment, its asymmetry makes it look like a mistake. If you will wear the bag with the front dropped down most of the time, then this would not be very visible. If not, then you can try for a 4th exchange, although there is no guarantee that the next one will be any better.
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