Fendi Python XL Frame Clutch

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  1. Hi ladies! Long time lurker looking for some help. My friends mother has been volunteering at a thrift store in a expensive area. Lots of people clean out estates and drop off fab goods to her store. Last week it seems she hit a jackpot of sorts and a Python XL Frame Clutch with tags was dropped off. Inside is also a foil packet with the Fendi logo and I assume a little piece of python in case of repair. She has no idea what to do with it and feels its obviously too good for the little thrift store. The woman who owns the store agreed. My friends mother thought I could be of help and asked her permission to take it home and see what I can do LOL

    My conundrum: I'm not quite sure what to do what it either. I live outside NYC and work in Midtown. I'm thinking to take it to a high end consignment store in the city and see what they say. Any advice ladies? I'm trying to proceed with upmost caution as this is a $2K python bag. Would love to sell for as much as possible to help out the two women.

    Pic attached (ignore the white behind it; just a bowl to help me prop it up) :smile: TIA!!!
  2. Absolutely stunning!
  3. ebay?
  4. I agree - Ebay!
    It is a vintage FENDI bag - new Old Stock. Not all Online consignment stores will be interested, but you can ask. And yes, a big city consignment store, especially one vintage oriented is a good match!
    JMHO> ;)