Fendi Presentation Box Color

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  1. My sister bought a lightly used fendi wallet from ebay and it came in a dark brown Fendi presentation box, however we've noticed that new Fendi wallets etc come in a yellow presentation box. Did Fendi ever have dark brown presentation boxes?
  2. Here's an image:

  3. Hello,

    You would probably be better off posting this question in the Authenticate This thread. Along with a few pics of the wallet itself, all tags and authenticity card. This would help us to authenticate it for you.

    Good luck
  4. Yes, they have used dark boxes like that. But it hasn't been dark boxes for a year or so.
  5. Thanks for your feedback! I called a Fendi flagship store but the sales assistant said she couldn't recall Fendi ever making the dark brown boxes. Has anyone ever bought a Fendi wallet from an authorized retailer (i.e. fendi, neiman, saks etc) and did it come in the dark brown box?
  6. If FendiLover says that they made dark brown boxes, I personally would believe her as she works for them and is a great source of information.

    Keep in mind that even if Fendi did makes brown boxes, this does not mean the wallet is authentic. I believe you posted this in the "authenticate this" thread, and I told you the seller is selling other fakes, so I believe it to be a fake even aside from the color of the box. Did you bother to read the response?
  7. oops I just saw it. I appreciate everybodys feedback. I will go ahead and let my sister know she should return it.