Fendi Pics Of Celebs Link??

  1. Hi
    Does anyone know the link for the thread where there are pics of celebs and there Fendi bags? I cant find it

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I can't help you with the link, but I do have some pictures in my "collection"...



    Nia Long.jpg



  3. Thanks :smile: Im looking for the picture with Paris where shes holding her little fendi bowler i think thats what its called. Shes signing autographs and shes on her phone.
  4. Here you go:
  5. Thanks alot :smile:
  6. OMG I really love Nicole Richie, her look is AB-FAB, love love love it, her hair, her bags, her sunglasses...
  7. I don't think Paris' bag is a bowler (baby spy), it's a regular spy. Correct me if I'm wrong?
  8. Judging from the pic, Paris is carrying a baby SPY (here is another pic):
    Unless of course it's a fake (it wouldn't be the first time)!:nuts:
    I know what you mean though! It's almost too big to be a baby but has baby's shape!
  9. Lol LV_addict, you are so the queen of pics!

    does Paris have a lot of fakes? how can you see that? wich bags of her are fakes?
  10. I read here that Paris has a fake LV Multi?? Right LV_addict? You're the expert here! ;)
  11. Yes it is a regular spy, she actually has both spies--the bowler/baby spy and the regular/medium spy. The one on the first pic(with green t-shirt) is a regular spy, while the one on the second pic is a bowler :yes:
  12. There are a few fake LVs she's been spotted with (I don't have any pics saved on my PC but if you go to LV sub forum and look up "Celebrities with their LVs" thread, you'll see them).

    olg4, I thought in both pics above Paris is carrying the same bag?!:nuts: Shows how much I know!:lol: I just became a Fendi SPY fan not too long ago!:wlae:
  13. Actually, the bag is the same in both pics, and is the bowler. The way you can tell is that the regular medium Spy in zucca/leather has tortuga (faux tortoiseshell embossed leather) handles and a Spy flap compartment. If you see one that doesn't have the tortuga handles, it's a fake.

    While Paris's bag has no Spy compartment, it could be turned backwards. The real cincher in handbag identification here are the woven leather handles. These are found on authentic zucca/leather Spy bowlers!

    Paris's bowler is just unstuffed so it's lying very flat against her body and looking larger in surface area than a stuffed, puffed out bowler. :flowers:
  14. Well thanks Greendrv, you know alot about fendi spys.

    Thanks alot :smile:
  15. Oh yes,greendrv,you're totally right!! How could I not paying attention to the tortuga handles!!! :upsidedown: Yea,the medium zucca should have tortuga handles. I totally thought Paris' spy are turned backwards so that we can't see the flap compartment. This girl should be super skinny then since I thought the bowlers are only hand-carried :rolleyes: