Fendi Petrol spy OR Jimmy Choo Ramona Navy

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Fendi Petrol spy or Navy Jimmy Choo ramona

  1. Fendi petrol spy

  2. Jimmy Choo Ramona

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  1. I have too much time on Sundays and just considering so many bags. Which do you guys think I should splurge on at the moment? As I said, I don't have much money now so I can only go for one but I love them both to death!
  2. do you have pics of these bags?
  3. jimmy choo is too heavy for me...
  4. Well - I like the petrol spy, but I think it'll be hard to find.
  5. I know it will but I hope I can with some luck :oh:
  6. I vote for Jimmy here :biggrin: its a cool looking bag, and not too common.
  7. Go petrol spy !
  8. I love JChoo bags so, I was about to purchase the Ramona but, a friend of mine who had one, returned it, because it was too heavy and it sagged alot on the bottom (shape changed for the worse). So, before you decide on these big purchases you should try it IRL. Personally, I would go for the Spy bag (I have 2, and I have never bought 2 of anything) it really is a great looking bag in any color.
  9. I say petrol Spy...if you can find one. They are GORGEOUS! Much more sophisticated than the Ramona, although I LOVE that one, too! I don't think you can lose either way.
  10. Definitely the petrol spy! It's a beauty..I find the Ramona too "busy" for my taste.
  11. Fendi petol spy.
  12. Is it heavier than a chloe? Also was it easy to get into?
  13. SPY for sure - JC seems passing - like fickle young hollywood - unless that's what your going for....IMHO
  14. I'm anti-Spy so Choo for sure. I'm surprised at the comments that it's heavy--it IS a tote bag but as such I find it to be super comfy. The Ramona is so much better IRL than it looks in pics and the style is MUCH more classic and less trendy than the Spy any day. IMO, of course. :P
  15. choo!!!!!!!!