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  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Let's petition Fendi for new Spy colors. We are a powerful block. We are 10,000 strong. :nuts: I'll start. Someone mentioned an eggplant Spy on another thread (sounds lovely) and bring back the pleated design. What's on your wish list?

    I'll get the form letter started ;) .
  2. cool thread, eggplant sounds beautiful.. i'll give it thought and add my two cents! hehe
  3. Green!
  4. eggplant is good. I want a metallic pink-beige (fawn? light salmon?) one!
  5. Light salmon, sounds nice. Illini, I think you may be able to find a green Spy.
  6. Black with either green or blue hologram might be cool.
  7. eggplant is great!
  8. Sequinn design please! If not then eggplant!
  9. I have wanted a green spy forever but I cant find one. Do you have any hints as to where I could find one?
  10. I think I saw one on eBay when I was looking for my Petrol. I will keep my eyes open.

    Harv, black with green or blue hologram sounds nice!
  11. Really? I missed it....

    If you see one, please let me know!!

  12. What about black with a really dark purple (eggplant) hologram. Or maybe they would end up looking like an oil slick. Sorry i think the hologram is great!:yahoo:
  13. i love the hologram too.. pinks are hawt too... mmm both on one bag? i dont think that would look too nice.. damn
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